Touch Sreen Smart Dental X ray
Touch Sreen Smart Dental X ray
Touch Sreen Smart Dental X ray

Touch Sreen Smart Dental X ray

Wukong x Ray is a portable dental X-ray machine.
This equipment is an X-ray generating equipment powered by a rechargeable lithium battery that mainly used for dental examination (teeth and mandible). It consists of high pressure generator, X-ray tube and control system. The control system includes equipment controller, power controller, user interface, beam limiting device, back scatter shielding and optional remote exposure switch. This equipment is used to irradiate the intraoral X-rays and imaging for diagnostic use.

Touch Sreen Smart Dental X ray


1,60kv/65kv/70kv , 2ma-3ma Adjustable configure to meet different patients

2,210W (70kV 3mA) ultra-large transmission power for efficient shooting,shortening exposure time, avoiding artifacts, and achieving high-definition imaging Restore the reality between teeth!

3,900mAh lithium battery works efficiently to accumulate powerful energy, and can take 500+ pictures after fully charged.

4,Using 6.5-inch IPS capacitive touch screen with sensitive touch control, you can enjoy smooth and minimalist UI to intuitively display the user interface and diversified filming options, all in one step!

touch x ray

Parameter :

Product Name Wukong Touch Smart X-Ray
Voltage DC22.2V
Battery 950mAh /21.09Wh
Focal Spot to Skin Distance ≥200mm
Tube Voltage 60Kv/65kv/70Kv Adjustable
Tube Current 2mA-3MA Adjustable
Exposure Time 0.01~2.0s
Net Weight 1Kg
Charging Input AC100~240V
Charging Output DC25.2V
Inverter Frequency 70KHZ

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