Dental  RVG sensor
Dental  RVG sensor
Dental  RVG sensor
Dental  RVG sensor
Dental  RVG sensor

Dental RVG sensor

Wukong Dental RVG sensor Software is indicated to acquire radiological images to be stored, visualized and manipulated for evaluation and analysis by dentists.The software provides length measurement,size zoom, achieving and "one-click image processing: Diagnosis assistance, mail for-warding drawing and report transmission can convenient communication between doctors and patients.


1. Fitting Finger Radian Design:More humanized, more caring for the use feelings of medical staff.

2. Ultra-thin:4.4 mm digital sensor, High Resolution (HR) or Low Dose (LD) Scintillator Option

3. 2 Sizes #K1 universal, #K2 adult

4. Comfortable :Rounded corners and edges for improved patient experience

5. Plug and Play: Direct USB plug and play connection for real-time image display

Parameter :

Item K1 K2
Mechanical Dimensions(mm) 25.0×38.5×4.5 31.0×45.0×4.5
Active  Area(mm²) 20×30 26×36
Pixel Matrix (1.5 M)1000×1500 (2.34 M)1300×1800
Data Interface Direct USB,USB 2.0 Direct USB,USB 2.0
Sensor Technology APS    CMOS APS    CMOS
Scintillator Directly deposited Csl:Tl Directly deposited Csl:TI
Length of Cable (m) Standard 3m /Option 5m Standard 3m /Option 5m
Pixel Pitch(μm) 20 20
Line Pair Resolution(lp/mm) 25 25
Gray Level 16 bit 16 bit
Exposure Mode Smart AED Smart AED
Ingress Protection IP68 for Soak disinfection IP68 for Soak disinfection
Additional Support TWAIN protocol Support TWAlN protocol
Operation System Windows 7 and above,32/64 bit Windows 7 and above,32/64 bit

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